Intercultural Law

Beyond Words has worked with a large number of law firms on their pro bono matters, helping Middle Eastern and African clients complete the asylum process. Our consistency, our meticulous attention to detail, and our commitment to delivering the best product possible has allowed us to become a reliable resource for law firms and individuals alike.

Document Translation

Beyond Words provides English, French, and Arabic translations of business reports, grant proposals, legal contracts, affidavits, birth certificates, diplomas, driver’s licenses, brochures, training manuals, and even website content.

Personal Interpretation

Our interpreters serve at conferences, business meetings, asylum interviews, court proceedings, depositions, conflict resolutions, training sessions, cultural exchanges, and any other meeting of foreign minds.

The Beyond Words Translation Process

Our goal is that our translations do not read or look like translations. We are only satisfied with our work if it is impossible to tell which article was the source. Our translation process makes sure that we achieve this goal on every project we work on.

1 - Quote

We review all documents received immediately and generally quote based on the word-count.

2 - Translation

We choose the appropriate translator from our team of translators, who is always a native speaker of the target language, to translate the document, ensuring consistency and coherence. By having a native speaker translate, the pace, structure, and flow of the article feels natural to any reader, regardless of how complicated the source text is. We never use machine translation.

3 - Editing

One of our editors will edit the document, ensuring that the translation is culturally appropriate and free of mistakes. We will also match the formatting of the original document to the translated one and will include handwritten text and notes, as well as noting stamps, signatures, and anything else found on the source document.

4 - Quality Control

Another person from our team reads the document and compares each translated sentence to the source sentence, checking that the translated sentence matches the original meaning exactly. Each word matters.

5 - Document Returned

The translated document is returned.

6 - Review

We are happy to review and discuss any part of the translation, especially if you have questions on word choice and what the best words to use are when trying to reach out to a specific target audience. Communicating and responding to each question and making the appropriate changes without compromising the integrity of the translation is a priority if there are any issues. We stand by each detail of our translation and will continue to edit and review if you are unhappy with any part of it.

Questions about our translation process? Contact us!

Which languages do we work with?

We only work with English, French, and Arabic to ensure quality and consistency. All of our translators are native speakers of the target language.

How much does translation cost?

It depends on the project. Fill out the quote form to get a free quote!

Who have you worked with before?

We have worked with the federal government, foreign governments, law firms, companies, and private individuals. Most of our clients are located in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, but we also work with different people and organizations around the country and world.


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