At Beyond Words, we focus on only three languages: English, Arabic, and French. Focusing on only three languages allows us to ensure the quality of our translation. As well, all of our translators are native speakers in the target language and are knowledgeable about any important cultural aspects of translation.


We also provide interpretation services between French, Arabic, and English for courts, legal teams, and conferences. For larger projects, we are comfortable working in teams to provide the necessary services.

Legal Translation

Our translation team specializes in many different areas, and one of the main focuses is legal translation. We help courts and law firms translate a variety of confidential legal documents in the most accurate way possible. We understand legal nuances and the subtleties of words in court documents, and we make sure that the document is clear and accurate.

Court Interpretation

Beyond legal translation, we also provide court interpretation. We work with private practices as well as court systems, both in the Washington D.C. and in other regions, and strive to interpret accurately, clearly, and succinctly. Our interpretation work includes normal court proceedings as well as asylum and immigration cases.