Ghada FaceThe President and founder of Beyond Words, Ghada Attieh, started the company in 2005. A native of Lebanon, Ghada is a Lebanese-Canadian national who studied translation and linguistics in Quebec and France. Prior founding to Beyond Words, Ghada worked as an interpreter for the Department of State for over 18 years. She worked as an interpreter on many of the International Visitor Leadership Programs where she interpreted several different dialects of Arabic.

Whether it be a birth certificate or an affidavit, Beyond Words understands the need for absolute accuracy and clarity in the finished product. When it comes to legal and business documents, even the smallest error can be detrimental to the final translation. For this reason, we not only translate, but also include additional steps of extensive editing and proofreading for every single document. Our translators are always native speakers of the target language, so they understand the nuanced phrases and vocabulary necessary for a flawless translation. The translation will be read by at least 3 different people before being delivered. We believe that this attention to detail in every step of the process sets us apart from other translation companies.

We cater to a range of clientele; from international organizations and corporations to departments of the Federal Government, foreign embassies, and more. We understand that every client has distinct needs and we promise to work meticulously with you and your team to meet those pressing deadlines.